‘Diamonds For Life’ Exhibitor Rudy van Nieuwenhove

Rudy Van Nieuwenhove was born in September of 1962 in Kortrijk, Belgium. He showed his first signs of creative artistry at the age of nine, as a first year Academy student in Harelbeke. Due to high expectations in academia, Rudy’s artistic journey was delayed. Rudy later went to college, but was drawn to back to artistic training.


Through his curriculum, Rudy rapidly consumed all knowledge and experienced as much as possible on the subject of painting, illustration and more, with an undying thirst. At only nineteen, he held his first solo exhibition. During this age, Rudy focused mostly on ink drawings and worked day and night.  As a result, the exhibition was completely sold out and there was a tall list of orders. In the same year, 1981, Rudy worked with ‘New Gallery’ in Kortrijk along with other artists including the widely celebrated Karel Appel. Many works were sold there, and mainly to buyers in the Middle East. Due to this great success, Rudy was able to establish his own company in 1983. He held exhibitions in just about every town around Kortrijk.


Rudy’s artwork evolved as he worked with oil, acrylic, and lacquer, always working away here and there, in a frenzy of wine, caffeine and sugar. Over many years, Rudy organized his exhibitions with the help of his wife Dorine Vanhie. In the last 10 years, he has become increasingly sought out in France, particularly by champagne houses. They commissioned him regularly to portray exclusive frescoed paintings of their homes for bottle labels and hangings.


Thusly, Rudy attracted much attention and was given the opportunity to push himself to his limit. He was invited to exhibit his works and talents in America, The Netherlands, and Taipei. Unlocking possibilities, Rudy came to want to conquer the world, exploring not only the globe, but equally his artistic abilities; he delved into sculpting, surrealism, pop-art, nudes, dripping and more.


Rudy has so far exhibited in Newport / Harelbeke, Zwevegem , Kortrijk , Deerlijk, Leuven, Waregem, Stasegem, Epernay / France, New York, Ford Lauderdale / Florida Daele , Roermond / Netherlands and Antwerp / Belgium.




Alle schilder en decoratie werken


Groeningekaai 24/41

8500 Kortrijk



gsm +32 475 36 15 17

tel + 32 56 296 299



Visit Rudy van Vieuwenhove at Diamonds for Life this February at the Royal Paleis op de Meir.

The Diamonds for Life event will be showcasing fine art, design and jewel craftsmanship from the 8th to the 13th of February. Find out more via www.tmartfinearts.com/events/

A black tie reception starring Rudy van Nieuwenhove will be hald at the palace on February 10th. Reception will feature standing dinner, charity auction, live music, art and jewel exhibit, cocktail service, and much more. During the events of the 8th and the 10th of February, the Napoleon Museum within the palace will be open and offering guided tours. Reception tickets are available for purchase online from which a portion will be donated to Belgian Cancer Research charity Kom op Tegen Kanker. A limit of 60 tickets will be available for sale for each of the two VIP receptions. Buy now via www.artantwerp.com

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‘Diamonds for Life’ Exhibitors



Dreams of Diamonds


Welcome to our magnificent book Dreams of Diamonds and the exclusive limited edition set of prints from taken from the book entitled The Illuminant Edition.

As photographic artists and designers for over 20 years we have been involved in all forms of photography and printing.

Over the years we have become known for our work with precious stones, in particular diamonds, and have always aimed to combine our creative fine art ideas into our commercial work. As a result of this towards the end of 2007 we began to explore the idea of producing a wonderful book of highly creative photography exclusively devoted to diamonds.

We are committed to large format images and have been very fortunate on numerous occasions to use the 20×24 inch Polaroid camera, producing exclusive collections of work in both Polaroid Transfer and Emulsion Lift techniques. We also specialized in Platinum Palladium printing with many of our images being printed using this technique.

Considering all the large format work we had created throughout our careers, the idea of producing a fabulous ‘Super Book’ was a natural progression along a path we had already been travelling for many years. The project was completed in summer 2013 and had taken almost 6 years.


Dreams of Diamonds  is one of the most beautiful books’ in the world, it is also the largest book ever produced on diamonds. Published as a limited edition, with each image exquisitely created and featuring many of the most magnificent diamonds of all time, quite simply it stands as a unique work of art. A significant number of copies from the edition have already been distributed to many of the major libraries, museums and diamond institutions throughout the world.

We are delighted to announce that the book will be on display to the public for the first time at the prestigious Diamonds For Life event at the Royal Paleis op de Meir in Antwerp in Feb 2014. Also being premiered for the first time at this event is the exclusive collection of prints taken from Dreams of Diamonds entitled  The Illuminant Edition. This is a strictly limited edition, with only 10 boxed sets of prints being produced.


We feel honoured and privileged to have been able to create such an exceptional and unique project and extend our heartfelt thanks to the many wonderful people involved.

Christine and Alastair

Email:  contact@dreamsofdiamonds.com

Website:  www.Dreams-of-Diamonds.com

Here are a few important facts about Dreams of Diamonds:

There are over  500 million dollars worth of diamonds displayed in the book, including the 2 most expensive diamonds in the world
1st    The Pink Star
2nd  The Millennium Star

This book presents the 2 most perfectly graded, flawless identical diamonds ever found – Yin & Yang.

This Magnum Opus is the largest limited edition book on diamonds ever published, and also in the top 5 of the largest  limited edition books to be produced in the last 100 years.


Visit Alastair & Christine at the Royal Paleis op de Meir this February. The Diamonds for Life event will be showcasing fine art, design and jewel craftsmanship from the 8th to the 13th of February. Find out more via www.tmartfinearts.com/events/

Art Antwerp International Art & Design 2014 by TM-ART Fine Arts International and ART-Expo vzw


Évenements d’Art et Design en Anvers, Belgique – 2014

Art Antwerp International Art & Design 2014

Le Salon Internationale Annuelle ART ANTWERP fera ses débuts en Juin 2014 au ‘Antwerp Expo’ Hall . Axée principalement sur l’art, la foire a été conçue pour les touristes et les visiteurs internationaux, les amateurs d’art et les citoyens de tous âges en quête d’enrichissement culturel. Nous souhaitons proposer à nos clients un événement d’art de luxe, d’un niveau mondial, dans une atmosphère hautement interactive et de qualité. Sur plus de 85 stands seront exposées une sélection d’œuvres d’art des meilleures galeries mondiales, d’artistes, de designers et de musées, englobant ainsi l’Art Contemporain, l’Art Moderne, le Design de Bijoux et d’Architecture, des Chefs-d’Oeuvres Classiques, et bien plus encore.

Visionnez Toiles, Photographies, Sculptures, Sérigraphies et Illustrations extraordinaires – Visitez notre Jardin de Sculptures et Champagne – Faites l’expérience d’une Installation Interactive, Découvrez des Performeurs de Danse, Musique et Arts en Direct – Participez à un Séminaire animé par des experts des secteurs créatives et importantes globales – Dégustez des plats de haute cuisine par un Célebre Chef belge – Connectez avec des galleristes, artistes et écrivains du secteur des arts – Levez votre verre avec vos co-amateurs et célébrons le bel art et la puissance créatrice!

Pour satisfaire notre auditoire sophistiqué des séminaires se tiendront avec des groupes de pionniers de l’art mondial, professionnels et amateurs. Pour cela nous mettrons en place et sponsoriserons des conférences données par des spécialistes dans tous les types d’arts, design et architecture.

Visite VIP sur les lieux le 13 Juin. Ouvert au public (payant) du 14 au 20 Juin. Faites votre demande d’invitation au info@tmartfinearts.com et bientôt en vente au http://www.artantwerp.com, ou bien encore, écrivez nous pour faire une demande de participation comme partenaire ou exposant.

art antwerp booths sLieu:
Antwerp Expo
Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191
Anvers 2020
Téléphone: +32 3 260 81 20

Évenement Introductoire ‘Diamonds For Life’

Evènement de lancement Diamonds for Life au Royal Paleis op de Meir d’Anvers – du 8 au 13 février 2013. Ouvert au public du 9 au 13, dès 10h. Deux soirées VIP, le 8 et le 10 février, comprendront une exposition de travaux exclusivement sélectionnés d’artistes internationaux, souper haute cuisine servi par le Grand Café Horta Restaurant, Cocktails, Vente aux enchères au bénéfice de la Fondation de la Lutte Contre le Cancer en Belgique ‘Kom op Tegen Kanker’ et aussi UNICEF, concert de piano classique par le Maestro Gabriel Meiring, Café et Dessert par Café Grani d’Oro di Monte-Carlo, Tours guidés du musée Napoleon inclus. Achetez vos billets dès maintenant en écrivant au info@tmartfinearts.com ou bientôt au http://www.artantwerp.co. Une portion de votre billet fera don à la charité.


Le Royal ‘Palace op de Meir’
Meir 50
Anvers 2000

Gala de Célébration de l’Ouverture d’Art Antwerp

Le 14 juin 2013 – Donc la deuxième soirée du salon, TM-ART lançons un Grand Gala à l’Hôtel Hilton d’Anvers, partenaire d’ART ANTWERP 2014. La soirée de Gala distinguée comprendra un dîner de haute cuisine, le service de cocktails et open-bar, une vente aux enchères au bénéfice de la Fondation de la Lutte Contre le Cancer en Belgique ‘Kom op Tegen Kanker’ et aussi UNICEF, des prix de présence, des spectacles de danse, des performances musicales et d’art en direct et surtout, une exposition exclusive des œuvres de jusqu’à 10 Artistes Internationaux. La soirée sera entièrement approvisionné par Hilton Antwerp. Postulez dès maintenant à présenter votre talent ou travaux ou visitez www.ARTANTWERP.com pour acheter vos billets!

459-64 Exterior by Night

Lieu:Groenplaats 32
2000 Anvers
Téléphone: +32 3 204 12 12

Médias Mondial

Nos Évenements seront couverts par des journalistes internationaux de BBC WORLD, ATV ANTWERPSE TELEVISIE, KNACK Magazine, ArtTour International, Art Des Annonces, et beaucoup plus encore. Restez à l’écoute pour plus d’informations – Le site officiel Art Antwerp sera bientôt mis en ligne www.artantwerp.com ou visitez dès maintenant notre site  www.tmartfinearts.com pour les invitations et les formulaires d’inscriptions.


Twitter: @MaesArt@TmArtIntl

par l’Équipe Internationale de TM-ART Fine Arts International


A New Look for Art Antwerp International Art & Design 2014

& First Official News Letter: The Art Antwerp Times


New Art Antwerp International logo design

We are poud to ring in the new year with our new branding and first official news letter. The Art Antwerp Times can be read or printed at the following link: http://issuu.com/thomasmaes/docs/art_antwerp_times or write to us at info@tmartfinearts.com to request a copy be mailed to your address.


The Art Antwerp International Art & Design 2014 Official Stamp


Tickets for our VIP Diamonds for Life Vernissages on February 8th and 10th

Buy your tickets now for Diamonds for Life at the Royal Palace on the Meir in Antwerp. This purchase will give a partial donation to the Belgian Cancer Research Foundation. The evening program is included in the above mentionned newsletter. For more information, please write to info@tmartfinearts.com

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We hope you are as excited for 2014 as we are! Best of Luck to Us All – from the TM-ART International Art & Design 2014 Team

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Art Xchange Gallery: Diamonds for Life


With galleries in Indonesia and Singapore, Art Xchange Gallery showcases modern and contemporary art from Indonesia, India, Canada, Japan, France and Russia; representing regional and international artists, Art Xchange Gallery shares art abundant with passion and creativity worldwide.

Art Xchange have exhibited works by select artists in Taipei, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and continue to expand into other countries. Joining TM-ART this upcoming February, Art Xchange will introduce the works of artist M. Aidi Yupri and one more to Antwerp city within the luxury art event known as ‘Diamonds for Life’.


M. Aidi Yupri, Membaca Hujan  (Reading the Rain), 2013, Acrylic on Canvas,  180 x 200 cm

Here are some artists who are represented by Art Xchange Gallery: Adrinalia, Andy Wahono, Bogel, Budi, Hudoyo, Cadio Tarompo, Choiruddin, Deni Supadmo, Dona Prawita Arissuta, Edi Jatmiko, F. Bush Thommy, Febry Suwandito, Hasyim Katamsi, Heri Purnomo, Himawan Dwi Prasetyo, Indyra, Isa Ansory, Jange Rae, Jansen Jasien, Katherine Surridge, Le Thi Bich Khoa, Nathalie Laoué, Ridwan Nnur, Scott Dupree, Sumantri, Suwandi, Tatang Ramadhan Bouqie and M. Aidi Yupri.


Ramadhan Bouqie, Cerita Tak Terselesaikan (Unfinished Story), 2010, Acrylic on Canvas,1200 x 200 cm, Series Panel

Find out more about Art Xchange Gallery by visiting www.artxchangegallery.com

‘Like’ them on Facebook at facebook.com/artxchangegallery

Follow them on Twitter at twitter.com/ArtXchangeSG or with @ArtXchangeSG

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Art Des Annonces


Art des annonces est avant tout une association créée par des artistes et amateurs d’art afin d’aider les amis artistes et artisans d’art à mieux communiquer pour vendre leurs objets et oeuvres d’art.

Parmi les actions mises en place par l’association, le site Art des annonces est à la disposition des artistes, des artisans d’art, des galeristes et plus en général du monde de l’art visuel pour promouvoir leurs oeuvres ainsi que leurs manifestations. Les petites annonces avec une photo sont gratuites…. et le resteront!

L’association Art des annonces a pour but:
– de produire, diffuser et promouvoir les œuvres d’art et les artistes,
– de gérer le site de petites annonces Art des annonces,
– d’organiser des réunions d’échanges et de créations entre les artistes,
– d’organiser des évènements en rapport avec l’art, rencontres d’artistes, expositions, salons, conférences, colloques, ateliers, vide greniers, brocante, antiquités etc,
– de sensibiliser et apporter une médiation par les arts visuels,
– la structure associe les photographes et artistes a d’autres professionnels de l’art, galeries, curateurs, collectionneurs, musées, éditeurs, historiens d’art, critiques d’art, médias, mécènes.


“Art des annonces” is primarily an association created by artists and art lovers to help other artists and craftsmen to communicate better to sell their artworks .
Among the actions implemented by the association, the website “Art des annonces” is available for artists, craftsmen , galleries managers and more generally in the world of visual art to promote their works and their exhibitions . Classified ads with a photo are free …. and will remain so !

The association “Art des annonces” aims to:
– Produce and promote the artworks and artists ,
– Manage the classifieds ads site “Art des annonces” ,
– Organize meetings and exchanges between artists ,
– Organize events related to art, meetings with artists , exhibitions, shows , conferences, symposia , workshops , flea markets , antiques etc.
– Raise awareness and provide mediation visual arts,
– The structure combines the photographers and artists from other art professionals , galleries, curators, collectors, museums , publishers , art historians , art critics , media, sponsors.



Twitter: @Artdesannonces

This announcement has been brought to you by the TM-ART Fine Arts International Team – more at http://www.tmartfinearts.com

New ‘Art Antwerp Art & Desin 2014’ Media Partner: ArtTour International!


We are very pleased to announce a new media partner. With over 2.1 Million readers in over 64 countries worldwide, ArtTour International Magazine is certainly a successful partner we are grateful to have made.

Puplished 4 times a year and distributed in galleries, high-end hotels, magazine stands, art shops, and more, ‘ArtTour International is designed with great editorial features, interviews and art showcases. With an appealing design and articles of exceptional interest, ArtTour International provides you with the most up to date information in the art industry, providing reviews, previews and an insight into traditional and modern/abstract art from established and emerging artists, ranging from 18th Century to Young Artists and beyond.’ – a brief description from ArtTour

Visit www.arttourinternational.com to order your copy now or follow @arttourinternational on twitter, ‘like’ ArtTour on Facebook


This message has been brought to you by the TM-ART Fine Arts International team. To find out how you can become a partner, visit http://www.tmartfinearts.com or write to communications@tmartfinearts.com