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Art Antwerp 2014 Exhibitor: Galerie Tiny Esveld

Galerie Tiny Esveld was established in 1995, in Rijkevorsel, by Mrs. Tiny Esveld (Netherlands,1956). Since that time, her establishment has grown to become a leading specialist in French Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass, and especially the works of Emile Gallé, Daum-Nancy and Charles Schneider.


Enormous Gallé Vase with Blossom (France 1920), ETABLISSEMENTS GALLÉ (1904-1931), Gallé Pedestals

In 2010, she published her first book, Glass Made Transparent, which is a practical guide for collectors of French glass.

In 2011, her gallery moved to a new building designed by the famous Belgium architect Toon Saldien, in the center of Brasschaat, near Antwerp. Collectors from all over the world journey to the gallery, as well as visit her highly professional online shop and gallery. Tiny Esveld’s specially selected items of beauty and highest quality are packed and shipped all around the world.


Daum Thistle Vase (France 1895), DAUM FRÈRES, NANCY (1878-1914)

In 2013, Tiny Esveld wrote her second book, Art Signed Gallé , highlighting the complete works of the Gallé family (from the period of 1850 ’till 1930). Some of the rare objects featured in the book will presented at Art Antwerp International Art & Design 2014.

Mrs. Esveld is currently working on a new book about the life and works of Charles Schneider. Her volumes and expertise have won her worldwide recognition. Among other fairs, she participates every year at the leading fair in Amsterdam, Pan-Amsterdam. Visit this renowned expert and collector this June at the B33 booth of Art Antwerp 2014! Among displayed rare objects at the exhibition: Lamps by Gallé, top quality Daum and Gallé vases, A pair of display cabinets made by Émile Gallé, a pair of consoles by Établissements Gallé and a pair of tea tables made by Émile Gallé. Pairs are extremely rare in this domain, therefor this three pair assembly presents an exciting opportunity for any Art-Nouveau and Gallé admirer.

dragonfly vase

Daum dragonfly vase (France 1895), DAUM FRÈRES, NANCY (1878-1914)



Unknown poppy le verre francais (France 1920), LE VERRE FRANCAIS (CHARLES SCHNEIDER FACTORY) (1918-1933) |  | +32(0)03 312 51 90  | Frilinglei 9, 2930 Brasschaat, BE

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ImageAn excerpt from Art Signed Gallé by Tiny Esveld, 2013