D4L Exhibitor: Monica Andres Alvarez

Meet this weeks featured exhibitor for Diamonds for Life, conceptual artist Monica Andres Alvarez!

She will be displaying her new works “Blue as Peace” and “Red as Passion” from February 10th to 13th at the royal Paleis op de Meir in Antwerp, invoking much discussion among art lovers.

ImageKEEPING FEELINGS series, Blue as Peace, 91x61cm, Mixed media, 2013

In reviewing her artistic concept, the London based artist explains the meaning behind her new series: “My process begins with the  imagination  yet  strives  to  express  universal  truths  inherent  in  personal  subjective experience”. Monica works freehand utilizing organic materials and putting emphasis on what can be realized through focusing on fine details. Monica redefines objects and embodies a raw sensitivity which is exposed through the process of deconstruction and reconstruction. While her oeuvre clearly touches on unconscious truths she rejects the idea of “perfection” and embraces the beauty and truth stemming from “mistake”.

Monica’s influences are meditation, pop art, fashion, architecture and graphic design as well as her studies and expertise in publicity.

Monica Andres Alvarez was born in Spain and studied Graphic Design in Madrid and Event Management for Art Industries at St. Martin’s College, London. Monica has exhibited her works at the British Council. Monica often creates abstract art, which is clearly structured, yet fluid. Neher artworks are not abstract landscapes in the classical sense with a horizon or perspective lines. They can be read as micro-or macroscopic sections.

Expressing the changing lights and vanity of beauty, the motifs are combining dark and bright colors to achieve a strong two-dimensional colour composition. Shapes and colors play a game of interaction between background and foreground, space and ornament. Her paintings “Red as a Passion” and “Blue as Peace” are symbolizing love of life as well as tranquility, freedom and peace.

ImageKEEPING FEELINGS series, Red as a Passion, Size 91 x61 cm, Mixed Media, 2013


Whether in Madrid, London or Antwerp – no doubt, Monica Andres Alvarez can open minds and hearts all over the world!


VIP reception tickets are extremely limited – contact info@tmartfinearts.com or visit www.artantwerp.com to order.


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