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Dreams of Diamonds


Welcome to our magnificent book Dreams of Diamonds and the exclusive limited edition set of prints from taken from the book entitled The Illuminant Edition.

As photographic artists and designers for over 20 years we have been involved in all forms of photography and printing.

Over the years we have become known for our work with precious stones, in particular diamonds, and have always aimed to combine our creative fine art ideas into our commercial work. As a result of this towards the end of 2007 we began to explore the idea of producing a wonderful book of highly creative photography exclusively devoted to diamonds.

We are committed to large format images and have been very fortunate on numerous occasions to use the 20×24 inch Polaroid camera, producing exclusive collections of work in both Polaroid Transfer and Emulsion Lift techniques. We also specialized in Platinum Palladium printing with many of our images being printed using this technique.

Considering all the large format work we had created throughout our careers, the idea of producing a fabulous ‘Super Book’ was a natural progression along a path we had already been travelling for many years. The project was completed in summer 2013 and had taken almost 6 years.


Dreams of Diamonds  is one of the most beautiful books’ in the world, it is also the largest book ever produced on diamonds. Published as a limited edition, with each image exquisitely created and featuring many of the most magnificent diamonds of all time, quite simply it stands as a unique work of art. A significant number of copies from the edition have already been distributed to many of the major libraries, museums and diamond institutions throughout the world.

We are delighted to announce that the book will be on display to the public for the first time at the prestigious Diamonds For Life event at the Royal Paleis op de Meir in Antwerp in Feb 2014. Also being premiered for the first time at this event is the exclusive collection of prints taken from Dreams of Diamonds entitled  The Illuminant Edition. This is a strictly limited edition, with only 10 boxed sets of prints being produced.


We feel honoured and privileged to have been able to create such an exceptional and unique project and extend our heartfelt thanks to the many wonderful people involved.

Christine and Alastair

Email:  contact@dreamsofdiamonds.com

Website:  www.Dreams-of-Diamonds.com

Here are a few important facts about Dreams of Diamonds:

There are over  500 million dollars worth of diamonds displayed in the book, including the 2 most expensive diamonds in the world
1st    The Pink Star
2nd  The Millennium Star

This book presents the 2 most perfectly graded, flawless identical diamonds ever found – Yin & Yang.

This Magnum Opus is the largest limited edition book on diamonds ever published, and also in the top 5 of the largest  limited edition books to be produced in the last 100 years.


Visit Alastair & Christine at the Royal Paleis op de Meir this February. The Diamonds for Life event will be showcasing fine art, design and jewel craftsmanship from the 8th to the 13th of February. Find out more via www.tmartfinearts.com/events/

Art Antwerp International Art & Design 2014 by TM-ART Fine Arts International and ART-Expo vzw


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  1. Mariana Vassiliou says :

    Excellent! Books ARE Diamonds! Books should Always be printed “Never Stop Printing Books”

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