Art Xchange Gallery: Diamonds for Life


With galleries in Indonesia and Singapore, Art Xchange Gallery showcases modern and contemporary art from Indonesia, India, Canada, Japan, France and Russia; representing regional and international artists, Art Xchange Gallery shares art abundant with passion and creativity worldwide.

Art Xchange have exhibited works by select artists in Taipei, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and continue to expand into other countries. Joining TM-ART this upcoming February, Art Xchange will introduce the works of artist M. Aidi Yupri and one more to Antwerp city within the luxury art event known as ‘Diamonds for Life’.


M. Aidi Yupri, Membaca Hujan  (Reading the Rain), 2013, Acrylic on Canvas,  180 x 200 cm

Here are some artists who are represented by Art Xchange Gallery: Adrinalia, Andy Wahono, Bogel, Budi, Hudoyo, Cadio Tarompo, Choiruddin, Deni Supadmo, Dona Prawita Arissuta, Edi Jatmiko, F. Bush Thommy, Febry Suwandito, Hasyim Katamsi, Heri Purnomo, Himawan Dwi Prasetyo, Indyra, Isa Ansory, Jange Rae, Jansen Jasien, Katherine Surridge, Le Thi Bich Khoa, Nathalie Laoué, Ridwan Nnur, Scott Dupree, Sumantri, Suwandi, Tatang Ramadhan Bouqie and M. Aidi Yupri.


Ramadhan Bouqie, Cerita Tak Terselesaikan (Unfinished Story), 2010, Acrylic on Canvas,1200 x 200 cm, Series Panel

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