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Art Xchange Gallery: Diamonds for Life


With galleries in Indonesia and Singapore, Art Xchange Gallery showcases modern and contemporary art from Indonesia, India, Canada, Japan, France and Russia; representing regional and international artists, Art Xchange Gallery shares art abundant with passion and creativity worldwide.

Art Xchange have exhibited works by select artists in Taipei, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and continue to expand into other countries. Joining TM-ART this upcoming February, Art Xchange will introduce the works of artist M. Aidi Yupri and one more to Antwerp city within the luxury art event known as ‘Diamonds for Life’.


M. Aidi Yupri, Membaca Hujan  (Reading the Rain), 2013, Acrylic on Canvas,  180 x 200 cm

Here are some artists who are represented by Art Xchange Gallery: Adrinalia, Andy Wahono, Bogel, Budi, Hudoyo, Cadio Tarompo, Choiruddin, Deni Supadmo, Dona Prawita Arissuta, Edi Jatmiko, F. Bush Thommy, Febry Suwandito, Hasyim Katamsi, Heri Purnomo, Himawan Dwi Prasetyo, Indyra, Isa Ansory, Jange Rae, Jansen Jasien, Katherine Surridge, Le Thi Bich Khoa, Nathalie Laoué, Ridwan Nnur, Scott Dupree, Sumantri, Suwandi, Tatang Ramadhan Bouqie and M. Aidi Yupri.


Ramadhan Bouqie, Cerita Tak Terselesaikan (Unfinished Story), 2010, Acrylic on Canvas,1200 x 200 cm, Series Panel

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Art Des Annonces


Art des annonces est avant tout une association créée par des artistes et amateurs d’art afin d’aider les amis artistes et artisans d’art à mieux communiquer pour vendre leurs objets et oeuvres d’art.

Parmi les actions mises en place par l’association, le site Art des annonces est à la disposition des artistes, des artisans d’art, des galeristes et plus en général du monde de l’art visuel pour promouvoir leurs oeuvres ainsi que leurs manifestations. Les petites annonces avec une photo sont gratuites…. et le resteront!

L’association Art des annonces a pour but:
– de produire, diffuser et promouvoir les œuvres d’art et les artistes,
– de gérer le site de petites annonces Art des annonces,
– d’organiser des réunions d’échanges et de créations entre les artistes,
– d’organiser des évènements en rapport avec l’art, rencontres d’artistes, expositions, salons, conférences, colloques, ateliers, vide greniers, brocante, antiquités etc,
– de sensibiliser et apporter une médiation par les arts visuels,
– la structure associe les photographes et artistes a d’autres professionnels de l’art, galeries, curateurs, collectionneurs, musées, éditeurs, historiens d’art, critiques d’art, médias, mécènes.


“Art des annonces” is primarily an association created by artists and art lovers to help other artists and craftsmen to communicate better to sell their artworks .
Among the actions implemented by the association, the website “Art des annonces” is available for artists, craftsmen , galleries managers and more generally in the world of visual art to promote their works and their exhibitions . Classified ads with a photo are free …. and will remain so !

The association “Art des annonces” aims to:
– Produce and promote the artworks and artists ,
– Manage the classifieds ads site “Art des annonces” ,
– Organize meetings and exchanges between artists ,
– Organize events related to art, meetings with artists , exhibitions, shows , conferences, symposia , workshops , flea markets , antiques etc.
– Raise awareness and provide mediation visual arts,
– The structure combines the photographers and artists from other art professionals , galleries, curators, collectors, museums , publishers , art historians , art critics , media, sponsors.

Twitter: @Artdesannonces

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New ‘Art Antwerp Art & Desin 2014’ Media Partner: ArtTour International!


We are very pleased to announce a new media partner. With over 2.1 Million readers in over 64 countries worldwide, ArtTour International Magazine is certainly a successful partner we are grateful to have made.

Puplished 4 times a year and distributed in galleries, high-end hotels, magazine stands, art shops, and more, ‘ArtTour International is designed with great editorial features, interviews and art showcases. With an appealing design and articles of exceptional interest, ArtTour International provides you with the most up to date information in the art industry, providing reviews, previews and an insight into traditional and modern/abstract art from established and emerging artists, ranging from 18th Century to Young Artists and beyond.’ – a brief description from ArtTour

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Illustrator Alexander Lee Selected for ‘Diamonds for Life’ Event

Alexander Lee portrait photo

Illustrator Alexander Lee will be joining us this upcoming February for our premiere ‘Diamonds for Life’ luxury art event at the Royal Paleis op de Meir.

Coming to us from his studios in Stockholm Sweden and Salzburg Austria, artist Alexander will be exhibiting his finely detailed ‘Ballerina’, a pencil on watercolor paper drawing. The drawing is framed in an exquisite silver coloured ornated wooden frame.


Alexander Lee spent his youth touring the globe, attending Claremont School of Fine Art, WA, taking in experience and influence along the coasts of his native western Australia, and working as an artist and illustrator in Scandinavia. In 2008, Alexander dedicated himself to being a full-time artist focusing on his pencil drawings then moving to acrylic on watercolor paper.


‘The Greatest of Expectations’

Pencil Drawing on Water Colour Paper. Framed 60×50 cm off-white mattboard 37 x 27 cm

By the end of 2010 he transformed his creative process from very detailed and realistic drawing and painting to experimenting more with the abstract.

We are pleased to Welcome artist Alexander Lee to our exclusive ‘Diamonds for Life’ exhibition at the Paleis op de Meir on the 10th until the 13th of February, 2014.
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Jennifer Dick – TM-ART Fine Arts