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An innovative art fair makes its debut in Belgium’s cherished port city: Art Antwerp – the cultural cherry on top!

Antwerp City is ever the priority seaport city of Europe, hosting much of the world’s most important import and export handling, home to the worlds leading diamond sector and entertaining tourists year-round. Antwerp is sought out by fashion enthusiasts and is infamous for its shopping district, century old breweries and chocolate makers. Both its 20th century train station and zoo have been proudly preserved as well as 16th century Guildhouses, Rubenshuis and many more.  This sophisticated, trend-setting city relishes class, culture and innovation; the perfect spot for a brand new fair rich with art and intellect. Art Antwerp is destined to be a global hit!

Founder Thomas Maes of the TM-ART International Fine Arts team has been harboring his dreams and ideas for Art Antwerp for some years. As if the world wills it, everything has fallen into place to make this a wondrous reality and the team is ecstatic to be able to finally announce the event. On June 13th, the grand opening will be held at the event venue known as Antwerp Expo. For the following 7 days, the event will be open to the public, during which time visitors will be able to tour the 50 – 80 booths exhibiting art from the world’s top artists, galleries and museums, thus encompassing contemporary art, modern art, jewel design, architecture, classic masterpieces, and more.


February 8th to 12th – Introductory Event ‘Maes & Meiring; Diamonds for Life’ at the ‘Paleis Op de Meir’
June 13th – VIP Vernissage Event

June 14th to 20th – Schedule details to be announced for Seminars, Live Music, Art and Dance Performances, Live Auction, Children’s Workshop…

Art Antwerp will provide a global platform for cultural education and enrichment by inviting specialists; guests will be free to attend lectured and seminars with groups of professionals and connoisseurs such as art historians, design and architecture professors, renowned critiques, and art-world markers and pioneers.

As an introduction to the TM-ART international team, and its’ organizational talents, as well as to Art Antwerp, a kick-off event will be held in February, at the ‘Paleis op de Meir’. Maes & Meiring will host a vernissage exhibit uniting art, jewelry, music, gastronomy and entertainment. ‘Diamonds for Life’ will be an event of highest quality and standards, held in a royal palace, no less. They will present a carefully selected range of their own previously unveiled works, as well as having newly crafted pieces for this showing. Furthermore, they will create and present a jewel set design each, honoring the founders of the Antwerp Diamond District. These sets will be manufactured by the diamond district of Antwerp, and auctioned for the benefit of charities such as ‘Centrale et Sociale Kruidenier’.

Antwerp City is already so multi-facetted, so appreciative of deep rooted culture and welcoming toward new styles and flavours. In addition to the many wonders that make the city so attractive, Art Antwerp should be a wonderful addition as it creates a grand platform for cultural education and enrichment, art sales, touristic attraction, charity support, social networking and so much more.


Visit for more details.

The official Art Antwerp website will be announced shortly.

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    Chique Thomas,

    Proficiat grote klasse.

    Grts Vincent Messelier Passionate artist

    Van: TM-ART Fine Arts International Beantwoorden – Aan: TM-ART Fine Arts International Datum: maandag 29 juli 2013 17:42 Aan: Vincent Messelier Onderwerp: [New post] Art Antwerp tmartintl posted: ” ANNOUNCING THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL ART ANTWERP FAIR An innovative art fair makes its debut in Belgiums cherished port city: Art Antwerp – the cultural cherry on top! Antwerp City is ever the priority seaport city of Europe, hosting much of the wo”

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