This February, Antwerp city is in for a royal treat, as Maes & Meiring pair up hosting a truly glorious exhibit; uniting art, jewelry, music, gastronomy and entertainment, ‘Diamonds For Life’ will certainly be a memorable event!

Artists Thomas Maes and Maestro Gabriel Meiring are both self-taught, self-disciplined artists who have worked for years perfecting their techniques and works; their showing shall therefore be one of highest standards, with great attention to detail. Between February 8th and 12th, the ‘Diamonds for Life’ exhibition shall be held at the ‘Paleis Op de Meir’ in the heart of Antwerp City. They will present a carefully selected range of their own previously unveiled works, as well as having newly crafted pieces for this showing. Furthermore, they will create and present a jewel set design each, honoring the founders and ancestry of the Antwerp Diamond District. These sets will be manufactured by the diamond district of Antwerp, and auctioned for the benefit of supported charities such as ‘Centrale et Sociale Kruidenier’


This prestigious event is being held as an introduction to the TM-ART team and its’ organizational talents, as well as to Art Antwerp, a new annual international art fair that will make its mark in the upcoming year. These powerful events will be held with the collaboration of the City of Antwerp and the Founders of the Diamond Sector of Antwerp.

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About tmartintl

TM-ART organize art expo events & auctions, connect artists to buyers, attain appraisals, we are art press authors & art printers, we facilitate art negotiations, create exposure & media publicity, and give general art business guidance and assistance.

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