TM-ART – A Fashionable Start!

On May 23rd of 2013, TM-ART collaboratively organised and hosted an event with the Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative (AFI/WPI).

Invite - front

As the ‘We Are The World’ fundraising event took place in Cannes during the Film Festival, many eccentric and well-known guests were received.


In the above photograph, an interview is being held at the Villa Oxygen with Richard Nilsson, the venue owner and Luxury brand designer. To the right, Joe Jackson, the father of the Jackson Family and founder of the Jackson Foundation. To the right once more is Lebohang “Lebo M.” Morake, South African singer and composer, most famous for arranging and performing on the Lion King soundtrack.

Guests were welcomed with live music performances by Alan Landry and live DJ, a ‘Wine Love’ wine and champagne reception and outdoor bar, Sushi and hors-d’oeuvres and ‘Mic Mac Macaroons’. A variety of coffee beverages were provided by Grani d’Oro Café of Monte-Carlo.


Artworks of 12 artists were displayed throughout the villa, showing an array of oil and acrylic paintings, contemporary silk-screen prints and incredibly detailed stone-litho prints.

Of the artists included were Lan Nguyen Stanley and Princess Angélique Monét (as seen below). Others who presented their works were Brigitte ‘Myosotis’ Girard, Nelo (Sculpteur), Priska Medam, Lucien Stilss, Sara Tamjidi, Samuel De Lange, Maestro Gabriel Meiring and Galerie Mason-Noirez.

Works were presented for sale via auction from which benefits were given to ‘Kunst Tegen Kanker‘ or the Belgian Cancer Foundation ‘Art Against Cancer’ as well as to the AFI World Peace Initiative fund. Below is a photograph of a gorgeous mixed media piece which was sold for these benefits.

Art Sales pic

Love the Life you Live, Live the Life you Love by Samuel De Lange

On May 25th, TM-ART founder Thomas Maes returned to the Villa Oxygen for a private exhibition of his own artwork (as seen below).

TM-JEN copie

On that final day at the Villa Oxygen, Joe Jackson and the Jackson Foundation obtained posession of  ‘World of Cubism’, an oil on canvas panel by Mr. Maes himself.

World of cubism, oil on canvas  pannel, 30x30cm

We were delighted with our artists, we made fantastic connections and despite event planning pressure, we had an absolute blast. A big thank you to all of those who helped make this event possible, and even better, excellent!

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TM-ART organize art expo events & auctions, connect artists to buyers, attain appraisals, we are art press authors & art printers, we facilitate art negotiations, create exposure & media publicity, and give general art business guidance and assistance.

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