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Art Antwerp



An innovative art fair makes its debut in Belgium’s cherished port city: Art Antwerp – the cultural cherry on top!

Antwerp City is ever the priority seaport city of Europe, hosting much of the world’s most important import and export handling, home to the worlds leading diamond sector and entertaining tourists year-round. Antwerp is sought out by fashion enthusiasts and is infamous for its shopping district, century old breweries and chocolate makers. Both its 20th century train station and zoo have been proudly preserved as well as 16th century Guildhouses, Rubenshuis and many more.  This sophisticated, trend-setting city relishes class, culture and innovation; the perfect spot for a brand new fair rich with art and intellect. Art Antwerp is destined to be a global hit!

Founder Thomas Maes of the TM-ART International Fine Arts team has been harboring his dreams and ideas for Art Antwerp for some years. As if the world wills it, everything has fallen into place to make this a wondrous reality and the team is ecstatic to be able to finally announce the event. On June 13th, the grand opening will be held at the event venue known as Antwerp Expo. For the following 7 days, the event will be open to the public, during which time visitors will be able to tour the 50 – 80 booths exhibiting art from the world’s top artists, galleries and museums, thus encompassing contemporary art, modern art, jewel design, architecture, classic masterpieces, and more.


February 8th to 12th – Introductory Event ‘Maes & Meiring; Diamonds for Life’ at the ‘Paleis Op de Meir’
June 13th – VIP Vernissage Event

June 14th to 20th – Schedule details to be announced for Seminars, Live Music, Art and Dance Performances, Live Auction, Children’s Workshop…

Art Antwerp will provide a global platform for cultural education and enrichment by inviting specialists; guests will be free to attend lectured and seminars with groups of professionals and connoisseurs such as art historians, design and architecture professors, renowned critiques, and art-world markers and pioneers.

As an introduction to the TM-ART international team, and its’ organizational talents, as well as to Art Antwerp, a kick-off event will be held in February, at the ‘Paleis op de Meir’. Maes & Meiring will host a vernissage exhibit uniting art, jewelry, music, gastronomy and entertainment. ‘Diamonds for Life’ will be an event of highest quality and standards, held in a royal palace, no less. They will present a carefully selected range of their own previously unveiled works, as well as having newly crafted pieces for this showing. Furthermore, they will create and present a jewel set design each, honoring the founders of the Antwerp Diamond District. These sets will be manufactured by the diamond district of Antwerp, and auctioned for the benefit of charities such as ‘Centrale et Sociale Kruidenier’.

Antwerp City is already so multi-facetted, so appreciative of deep rooted culture and welcoming toward new styles and flavours. In addition to the many wonders that make the city so attractive, Art Antwerp should be a wonderful addition as it creates a grand platform for cultural education and enrichment, art sales, touristic attraction, charity support, social networking and so much more.


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This February, Antwerp city is in for a royal treat, as Maes & Meiring pair up hosting a truly glorious exhibit; uniting art, jewelry, music, gastronomy and entertainment, ‘Diamonds For Life’ will certainly be a memorable event!

Artists Thomas Maes and Maestro Gabriel Meiring are both self-taught, self-disciplined artists who have worked for years perfecting their techniques and works; their showing shall therefore be one of highest standards, with great attention to detail. Between February 8th and 12th, the ‘Diamonds for Life’ exhibition shall be held at the ‘Paleis Op de Meir’ in the heart of Antwerp City. They will present a carefully selected range of their own previously unveiled works, as well as having newly crafted pieces for this showing. Furthermore, they will create and present a jewel set design each, honoring the founders and ancestry of the Antwerp Diamond District. These sets will be manufactured by the diamond district of Antwerp, and auctioned for the benefit of supported charities such as ‘Centrale et Sociale Kruidenier’


This prestigious event is being held as an introduction to the TM-ART team and its’ organizational talents, as well as to Art Antwerp, a new annual international art fair that will make its mark in the upcoming year. These powerful events will be held with the collaboration of the City of Antwerp and the Founders of the Diamond Sector of Antwerp.

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Thomas Maes and Vincent Messelier Mash Vernissage


Projecting a mesh of creative flow from the heart and innovative business strategy from the mind; both of these artists exhibit courage and passion through their art careers – and upcoming event!

Next week, two talented men will take the spotlight in Kortrijk together as they show the fruits of their art careers, whilst remaining totally independent of outside management sources. Unlike the usual image of an artist submerged in his creative flow, these men are focused on conducting all of their own business affairs with serious direction. Both of these entrepreneurial artists wish to show the intensity of their focus on their art as well as their ability to curate and manage their own sales, shows and gallery. Both Maes and Messier are auto-dictate artists, but have undergone intensive studies and have experimented with a vast array of styles, techniques and subjects so as to constantly better their respective creative abilities. Over past years, both artists have held expositions and attained sales worldwide creating a name for themselves on the international art market. Vincent Messelier now runs his showroom ‘Atelier Mattisse’, where the two will put on display a selection of works for a two week exhibition.


VIP showing – July 18th of 2013

7 pm till 9 pm

Invitation request and RSVP:

Open to public viewing – July 19th to July 30th

Regular gallery hours

Special invites include

Mayor of Knokke-Heist Leopold Lippens

Mayor of Brasschaat Jan Jambon

Maestro Gabriel Meiring

Native to Kortrijk, Vincent Messelier began practicing creative techniques in 2006 and in just 7 years, he has held exhibitions in Dubai, New York, Brussels, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bari, Den Haag, Bruges and Paris. He has become a member of the Dubai Art Centre International and has been featured in the 2012 edition of the Contemporary Masters art book, Effetto Arte Magazine Italia, NY Arts Magazine and local newspapers. Last year, he received the Special Certificate of Recognition award from the annual Artavita Contest.

Messelier has coined a style of his own as ‘Meridianism’; wielding pallet knives, he works vertical and horizontal stripes into the wonderfully chaotic form on his canvas to create semi-abstract images of landscapes, structures, creatures and other subjects. He has also created a series and technique which caters well to commercial décor needs; superimposing photographs which he takes himself, he creates large layered prints which he can customize in colour and subject themes.


Akin to his compeer, Thomas Maes also began to explore artistic techniques and unearth his talents just over 7 years ago. Among his many achievements in this time are his features in 7 art books (including Contemporary Masters 2012), several art magazines, Belgian newspapers and several online articles and website profiles. He has taken part in 35 art events worldwide, his most recent being Art Monaco 2013. In May, he collaboratively organized and hosted an intimate art fair in Cannes, featuring 15 international artists. He now has his own art event planning and art world assistance business.

Inspired by his studies in architecture, physics, engineering, psychology, astronomy, etc, Maes recreates world structures and happenings in a dreamlike and meaningful fashion through paintings and sculptures. His works evoke feelings through symbolism and surrealism and channel thoughts of parallel dimensions, opportunities and solutions. His works resonate with great energy, yet they are carefully and precisely composed of natural and constructed forms and shaded to perfection. His colors are chosen with grace and significance. His style is certainly recognizable and unique.


Inspired by the blank canvas and the flow of his heart and mind, Messelier splashes his canvas with passion and energy. Contrarily, working on his design for up to months before hitting the canvas or raw materials, Maes creates in tune with the frequencies of the universe, extracting and carefully composing calculated structures and symbols of long studied subjects.

Maes’ intellectual art style and Messeleir’s expressive creative techniques both depict worldly structures and come from deep within their great persons. Sharing a passion for art and a desire to express their knowledge and perception, as well as their self-determination and discipline, the two have eagerly consolidated this vernissage. Maes and Messelier gladly invite interested parties and persons to join them for a cocktail reception and viewing this upcoming week at ‘Atelier Mattisse’.


TM-ART – A Fashionable Start!

On May 23rd of 2013, TM-ART collaboratively organised and hosted an event with the Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative (AFI/WPI).

Invite - front

As the ‘We Are The World’ fundraising event took place in Cannes during the Film Festival, many eccentric and well-known guests were received.


In the above photograph, an interview is being held at the Villa Oxygen with Richard Nilsson, the venue owner and Luxury brand designer. To the right, Joe Jackson, the father of the Jackson Family and founder of the Jackson Foundation. To the right once more is Lebohang “Lebo M.” Morake, South African singer and composer, most famous for arranging and performing on the Lion King soundtrack.

Guests were welcomed with live music performances by Alan Landry and live DJ, a ‘Wine Love’ wine and champagne reception and outdoor bar, Sushi and hors-d’oeuvres and ‘Mic Mac Macaroons’. A variety of coffee beverages were provided by Grani d’Oro Café of Monte-Carlo.


Artworks of 12 artists were displayed throughout the villa, showing an array of oil and acrylic paintings, contemporary silk-screen prints and incredibly detailed stone-litho prints.

Of the artists included were Lan Nguyen Stanley and Princess Angélique Monét (as seen below). Others who presented their works were Brigitte ‘Myosotis’ Girard, Nelo (Sculpteur), Priska Medam, Lucien Stilss, Sara Tamjidi, Samuel De Lange, Maestro Gabriel Meiring and Galerie Mason-Noirez.

Works were presented for sale via auction from which benefits were given to ‘Kunst Tegen Kanker‘ or the Belgian Cancer Foundation ‘Art Against Cancer’ as well as to the AFI World Peace Initiative fund. Below is a photograph of a gorgeous mixed media piece which was sold for these benefits.

Art Sales pic

Love the Life you Live, Live the Life you Love by Samuel De Lange

On May 25th, TM-ART founder Thomas Maes returned to the Villa Oxygen for a private exhibition of his own artwork (as seen below).

TM-JEN copie

On that final day at the Villa Oxygen, Joe Jackson and the Jackson Foundation obtained posession of  ‘World of Cubism’, an oil on canvas panel by Mr. Maes himself.

World of cubism, oil on canvas  pannel, 30x30cm

We were delighted with our artists, we made fantastic connections and despite event planning pressure, we had an absolute blast. A big thank you to all of those who helped make this event possible, and even better, excellent!