Art Antwerp 2014: Announcement & Changes

—- English —-

After much discussion with Artexis, The City of Antwerp and other truly committed Art-Expo vzw collaborators, we have come to the decision that in order to bring forth the high-quality product that we have offered and promoted, we must postpone the fair event to a later date; we will be in a better position to provide the promised high-class first edition of Art Antwerp from the 5th to the 12th of December, 2014.

Going forward, we will be working with a new web design & marketing agency. Additionally, we have had many late offers and requests and will now be able to take the time to include such wonderful and overwhelming additions to the fair.

We thank our partners, exhibitors and followers for your time and your understanding, and we are confident that that this change will be in all parties interests.


Suite à plusieurs discussions avec Artexis, La Ville d’Anvers et d’autres collaborateurs engagés d’Art-Expo vzw, nous avons pris la décision de porter Art Antwerp 2014 à une nouvelle date afin de pouvoir offrir l’événement de haute-gamme que nous avons promis et promu. Nous serons dans la meilleure position pour pouvoir présenter la première édition haute-classe promise d’Art Antwerp à partir du 5ème jusqu’au 12 Décembre 2014.

À l’avenir, nous travaillerons avec une nouvelle agence de design web et de marketing. De plus, nous avons eu beaucoup d’offres et demandes tardives et allons maintenant être en mesure d’inclure ces ajouts grandioses au salon.

Nous remercions nos partenaires, exposants et les adeptes de votre temps et de votre compréhension, et nous sommes convaincus que ce changement sera dans l’intérêt de tous.

—- Nederlands —-

Na veel discussie met Artexis, de Stad Antwerpen en andere echt geëngageerde kunstExpo vzw medewerkers, zijn we gekomen tot het besluit dat, om de hoge kwaliteit van de producten die wij hebben aangeboden en gepromoot voort te brengen, moeten we de beurs evenement uit te stellen tot een latere datum; zullen we in een betere positie om de beloofde high-class eerste editie van Kunst Antwerpen te bieden van de 5e tot de 12 december 2014.

In de toekomst zullen we werken met een nieuw webdesign en marketing bureau. Daarnaast hebben we veel te laat aanbiedingen en aanvragen gehad en zal nu in staat zijn om de tijd te nemen om deze prachtige en overweldigende toevoegingen aan de beurs bevatten.

Wij danken onze partners, exposanten en volgelingen voor uw tijd en uw begrip, en we zijn ervan overtuigd dat deze verandering zal zijn in het belang van iedereen.

AA’14 Exhibitor: Granger Studios

This June, artist Shelia Malone will be represented within booth A1 of Art Antwerp International Art & Design 2014. Joining us from Mississippi, USA, Granger Studios will present a selection of mosaic art, wall-hangings and sculptures. Artist Malone’s works focus on bright, gestural impressions of people, nature and objects. Her work is Impressionistic, and certainly, expressive.


‘Dance in His Presence II’, Mosaic Hanging, 24 x 24′, 2013 by Shelia Malone

Through various subjects and strong imagery and symbolism, Shelia Malone’s artwork conveys strong messages of environmentalism,  womens rights, spiritualism, social commentary and other experiences of living deeply; ‘Life through the eyes of an artist’.


“Redeemed”, 24 x 24 inch, a mosaic epilogue of the women of ancient by Shelia Malone

Shelia states: My underlying goal is to project a provocative union between reality and imaginative expressions. I want to engage the viewer into a visual and spiritual conversation. I also include subliminal symbols and information that may stimulate an ongoing relationship between my works and the viewers. My images are extensions of my Mississippian and southern environments.


The Lotus, 24 x 24 inches, by Shelia Malone

Shelia’s mosaic works will be included in the 9th edition International Contemporary Masters 9 which will be published around the second half of 2014.

Shelia will be at booth A1 of Art Antwerp 2014 at Antwerp-Expo (Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191, 2020 Antwerpen, Belgium) from June 13th to 20th. Visit her website:  and her Facebook Page or arrange a visit to her interactive art studio by contacting:

Art Antwerp 2014 Exhibitor: Galerie Tiny Esveld

Galerie Tiny Esveld was established in 1995, in Rijkevorsel, by Mrs. Tiny Esveld (Netherlands,1956). Since that time, her establishment has grown to become a leading specialist in French Art Nouveau and Art Deco glass, and especially the works of Emile Gallé, Daum-Nancy and Charles Schneider.


Enormous Gallé Vase with Blossom (France 1920), ETABLISSEMENTS GALLÉ (1904-1931), Gallé Pedestals

In 2010, she published her first book, Glass Made Transparent, which is a practical guide for collectors of French glass.

In 2011, her gallery moved to a new building designed by the famous Belgium architect Toon Saldien, in the center of Brasschaat, near Antwerp. Collectors from all over the world journey to the gallery, as well as visit her highly professional online shop and gallery. Tiny Esveld’s specially selected items of beauty and highest quality are packed and shipped all around the world.


Daum Thistle Vase (France 1895), DAUM FRÈRES, NANCY (1878-1914)

In 2013, Tiny Esveld wrote her second book, Art Signed Gallé , highlighting the complete works of the Gallé family (from the period of 1850 ’till 1930). Some of the rare objects featured in the book will presented at Art Antwerp International Art & Design 2014.

Mrs. Esveld is currently working on a new book about the life and works of Charles Schneider. Her volumes and expertise have won her worldwide recognition. Among other fairs, she participates every year at the leading fair in Amsterdam, Pan-Amsterdam. Visit this renowned expert and collector this June at the B33 booth of Art Antwerp 2014! Among displayed rare objects at the exhibition: Lamps by Gallé, top quality Daum and Gallé vases, A pair of display cabinets made by Émile Gallé, a pair of consoles by Établissements Gallé and a pair of tea tables made by Émile Gallé. Pairs are extremely rare in this domain, therefor this three pair assembly presents an exciting opportunity for any Art-Nouveau and Gallé admirer.

dragonfly vase

Daum dragonfly vase (France 1895), DAUM FRÈRES, NANCY (1878-1914)



Unknown poppy le verre francais (France 1920), LE VERRE FRANCAIS (CHARLES SCHNEIDER FACTORY) (1918-1933) |  | +32(0)03 312 51 90  | Frilinglei 9, 2930 Brasschaat, BE

 Art Antwerp International Art & Design 2014 | Antwerp Expo Center | Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191, 2020 Antwerpen | Buy tickets at | Contact:

ImageAn excerpt from Art Signed Gallé by Tiny Esveld, 2013

AA’14 Exhibitor: LUX ART Consulting

ART ANTWERP International Art & Design 2014 proudly presents #1 exhibitor LUX ART CONSULTING, joining us from Luxembourg!

Jocelyne Crouzet started her career around thirty years ago, at the Louvre des Antiquaires and at the Biennale des Antiquaires, in Paris. Specializing in Flemish and Dutch paintings from the 15th to the 18th century, she continues to procure, and present to her clientele, a collection of rare art pieces of great quality from prestigious, private collections.
Passionate about her profession and willing to offer new perspectives to her customers, Jocelyne Crouzet opened a modern and contemporary department, just over ten years ago, with the same spirit for high-quality and strong value; she proposes modern, influential masterpieces from major 20th century artists who have marked their era, and the history of art in general. Constitution of art collections and art investment counseling and appraisals are services which are also offered by LUX ART Consulting in order to help buyers make comfortable and safe art purchases as well as to ensure wise investments.

Member of :
C.E.C.O.A. (Chambre Européenne des Experts Conseil en Oeuvres d’Art), S.N.A. (Syndicat National des Antiquaires Négociants en Objets d’Art)

LUX ART have showcased their collections and services at many High Profile Interior Design Events and International Art Fairs & Exhibitions such as
BRAFA Brussels, American International Fine Art Fair – Palm Beach, Salon des Antiquaires in Bordeaux, Salon du Collectionneur in Paris.

Here are some of the Old Masters and Modern Paintings that they will be presenting at AA’14!

Cornelis BEELT, Joost Cornélis Droochsloot, Johannes LINGELBACH, Henri SCHAEP, Gaston DUREL, Philippe SADEE, JAKE, Hasan SAYGIN, Jean Michel BASQUIAT, Theo TOBIASSE, Charles LAPICQUE, Yves DUBOS, Jean Gabriel DOMERGUE and more.


contemporain né en 1958
Ecole franco turc
“Hommage à Ingres”
huile sur toile mesurant : H. 73 X L. 60 cm

Sadee - interieurtje

Philippe SADEE
ECOLE HOLLANDAISE ( 1837 – 1904)
“scène d’intérieur”
huile sur toile mesurant : H. 55 X L. 75 cm
signé en bas à droite

huile sur panneau H. 64,5 X L. 53 cm
“Marchands et promeneurs aux abords de la porte d’une ville ”
signé en bas à droite

Contact the LUX ART Consulting team at luxartconsulting (@)
Visit the Facebook accounts of Art Antwerp and TM-ART for more images and updates. On Twitter: Art Antwerp and @TmArtIntl.

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Antwerp Event Diamonds for Life: a Shining Success!

A Review on Antwerp’s First Fine Art and Jewelry Fusion Exhibition

Lighting the way for the future of fine art and design, TM-ART Fine Arts International hosted an innovative and prosperous charity event at the royal Paleis op de Meir in Antwerp from the 8th to the 13th of February. A great array of visitors marveled at the beautifully composed exhibition of fine art, design and jewelry. The Diamonds for Life (D4L) event raised funds for the Kom op Tegen Kanker cancer foundation of Belgium.


Over 6 days and 2 VIP receptions, some 900 visitors crowded in from Meir Street to view carefully selected artwork by Gabriel Meiring, Thomas Maes and 13 other artists and craftsmen from around the globe. Among the exhibitors were the generous Alastair Laidlaw and Christine Marsden who donated one of their limited edition prints of Dreams of Diamonds, the world’s largest jewel & photography super-book. The book was sold, along with artwork by misters Maes and Meiring and some jewel work by Michielsen Manufacturing.

From Left: Gabriel Meiring, André Gantman and Thomas Maes pose in front of Oil paintings by Meiring

Dominick Alexander Rediers and Director Thomas Maes proudly opened the event and extended welcoming words to numerous ambassadors, mayors, ministers and other esteemed guests such as Minister Geert Bourgeois, Minister Annemie Turtelboom, Kristel Strubbe and Schepen Andre Gantman, who expressed their enthusiasm for the coming ART ANTWERP International Art & Design 2014. VIP reception guests were delighted with the haute-cuisine dinner and service by Horta and many toasts were made. Live classical piano performances were composed and played by maestro Gabriel Meiring and a brilliant last minute addition, Ms. Evelyn Sagita Kauw. Throughout the entire event, Grani d’Oro Café of Monte-Carlo offered diverse excellent, quality coffee beverages.


As proposed, this event provided an excellent stage for the participating artists, gallery owners, craftsmen and sponsors who gained much exposure and made solid connections throughout the VIP receptions and daytime visits. Guests and participants were thoroughly satisfied and continue to send praise to the TM-ART team for organizing and hosting this truly world-class event.

Below: Artist Igor Kormyshev with his paintings



Artist Vincent Messelier and wife

TM-ART Fine Arts International extend their gratitude to all who were involved and the team now eagerly devotes itself to launching ART ANTWERP International Art & Design 2014 (13 – 20 June) cultural fair and the ART ANTWERP 2014 Opening Celebration Gala with Hilton Antwerp (14 June).

ImageFrom Left: Ms. Evelyn Sagita Kauw, Art Xchange Gallery Director Benny Oentoro, Artist Vivien Richter and husband presenting artwork ‘The Hyperbolic Moment’ – a Tribute to Paul Cezanne, 65 x 80 cm, oil and mixed media on canvas, 2014

10-2-2014 Palais Op De Meir 2014 by Vasilis Kaliontzakis-80

Artist Rudy van Niewenhove with ‘Dead Right’ and ‘Dead Left’

10-2-2014 Palais Op De Meir 2014 by Vasilis Kaliontzakis-336

Director Thomas Maes and Artist Roderick Lloyd presenting a flex-art table piece with unique design ‘Mrs. Stairs Shopping on Golden Boulevard’

10-2-2014 Palais Op De Meir 2014 by Vasilis Kaliontzakis-10

Artist Alexander Lee with Illustration ‘The Greatest of Expectations’

10-2-2014 Palais Op De Meir 2014 by Vasilis Kaliontzakis-479

Artist Monica Andres Alvarez presenting her artwork ‘Blue as Peace’ of the ‘Keeping Feelings’ series

To see photo coverage of the D4L event, visit TM-ART on Facebook.

To learn more, request an application or inquire about sponsoring for ART ANTWERP, visit

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Exhibiting @D4L: Igor Kormishev’s Art Studio

Joining us at Diamonds for Life from Moscow, Russia, Igor Kormyshev is sure to turn more than a few heads!

Born in 1959, this bright, expressive individual wears his heart on his canvas, so to speak; Kormyshev’s works are bold, vivid and vibrant, yet layered with profoundity and rich with experience, much like his own character.

Igor Kormyshev has been an artist and gallery owner and since 1993, as well as a member of the International Confederation of Antique and Art Dealers. Since 1994, he has honorably participated in Russian and foreign exhibitions, including ‘ARTE Contemporanea Moderna ROMA’ (Rome, 2008), ‘Bergamo Arte Fiera’ (Bergamo, Italy, 2009), ‘Art Manege’ (Moscow, 2001, 2002), ‘Art Salon’ (Moscow, Manege, 2000, 2001), ‘Photo-Biennale’ (Moscow, 2004), MWFAF (Moscow, Expocentre, 2012), ‘Art Nocturne Knocke’ (Knocke-Heist, Belgium, 2013).


Igor Kormyshev, ‘From Lake of Love’, 2012, Oil on canvas, 120 x 100

Igor Kormyshev is the winner of the 3rd and 7th Moscow International Art Festivals ‘Traditions and Modernity’ in the technical direction of ‘Painting’ in the nomination ‘For the preservation of tradition in modern painting’ (2009), ‘For the bright originality’ (2013). His works are in private collections in Russia, Italy, UK, Belgium, Germany, France, Canada, in the Museum of Chocolate and Cocoa History (Moscow) and museum M.ART (Rovereto, Italy).

Igor Kormyshev treats art as grounds for experiments, for comprehension of the old and as a search for new means of expression, playing with different stylistic currents, such as impressionism, expressionism and symbolism. He creates not just ‘a piece of art’ but ‘projects’ combining different arts – painting, graphics, photography, text, and dance.


Igor Kormyshev, ‘Zakhar. In Duino’, 2012, Oil on canvas, 120 x 100cm

His major projects include ‘Metro I’ (1996), ‘Metro II’ (1997), ‘Chuzestranka (Female Stranger)’ (1999), ‘Reflection’ (2001), ‘Autology. Dialogues in Winter Garden’ (2001), ‘Clouds’ (2002-2009), ‘Salome. East – West’ (2004 – 2005), ‘Retrospective 20’ (2005), ‘The Blind. Part One. Wild Lake’ (2006-2007), ‘The Blind. Part Two. Black Emerald. Bugle Venice’ (2010), ‘The Blind. Part Three. At Night All Gone Look at Us’ (2010-2011), ‘Inviting Freshness. Miramare. Hall of Princes & Castello di Duino’. (2011-2012), ‘Dark Waters of Bruges’ (2012-2013).

 ImageIgor Kormyshev’s Art Studio

Savinsky Art Center
Savinskaya embankment 23, bld. 1
Moscow, Russia
+7 910 400 15 25 (ru)
  0 486 371 354 (be)

For info and tickets, visit and

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D4L Exhibitor: Monica Andres Alvarez

Meet this weeks featured exhibitor for Diamonds for Life, conceptual artist Monica Andres Alvarez!

She will be displaying her new works “Blue as Peace” and “Red as Passion” from February 10th to 13th at the royal Paleis op de Meir in Antwerp, invoking much discussion among art lovers.

ImageKEEPING FEELINGS series, Blue as Peace, 91x61cm, Mixed media, 2013

In reviewing her artistic concept, the London based artist explains the meaning behind her new series: “My process begins with the  imagination  yet  strives  to  express  universal  truths  inherent  in  personal  subjective experience”. Monica works freehand utilizing organic materials and putting emphasis on what can be realized through focusing on fine details. Monica redefines objects and embodies a raw sensitivity which is exposed through the process of deconstruction and reconstruction. While her oeuvre clearly touches on unconscious truths she rejects the idea of “perfection” and embraces the beauty and truth stemming from “mistake”.

Monica’s influences are meditation, pop art, fashion, architecture and graphic design as well as her studies and expertise in publicity.

Monica Andres Alvarez was born in Spain and studied Graphic Design in Madrid and Event Management for Art Industries at St. Martin’s College, London. Monica has exhibited her works at the British Council. Monica often creates abstract art, which is clearly structured, yet fluid. Neher artworks are not abstract landscapes in the classical sense with a horizon or perspective lines. They can be read as micro-or macroscopic sections.

Expressing the changing lights and vanity of beauty, the motifs are combining dark and bright colors to achieve a strong two-dimensional colour composition. Shapes and colors play a game of interaction between background and foreground, space and ornament. Her paintings “Red as a Passion” and “Blue as Peace” are symbolizing love of life as well as tranquility, freedom and peace.

ImageKEEPING FEELINGS series, Red as a Passion, Size 91 x61 cm, Mixed Media, 2013


Whether in Madrid, London or Antwerp – no doubt, Monica Andres Alvarez can open minds and hearts all over the world!


VIP reception tickets are extremely limited – contact or visit to order.


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